Arnold M

Rivers Of Fire

Emily A. Arnold M.

This place I came to.

No, moved to.

No, left my old life for.

No, got taken to.

I hated it.

I saw everything ugly about this place.

Where was the beauty anyway? Where was the beauty of this place that stole my old life from me?

There was none. I hate this place.

Cigarette butts on the ground

Broken roads

Trash everywhere

I hate it.

Awful smells

Loud trains

Everything in disrepair

I hate it.

The garbage

Old posters, disintegrating

Narrow roads

Houses falling apart

Knowing no one

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.


The trees are gorgeous.


The tree’s leaves are changing color, it’s fall and the wind is crisp and the leaves are amazing…

I guess.

You know what else looks gorgeous?

The rivers.

The way they look in the morning when they’re flat.

The way they look in the afternoon when they’re choppy and you can see light reflecting off each wave.

The way the sunset ignites them, turning them into rivers of fire.

The way we find solace in these rivers, being on them, traversing the rivers of fire in a boat powered by new people we’ve met.

So many things are beautiful, look for them.

The new people you’ve met, come to enjoy.

The parks

The bridges, crisscrossing over the fire.

The architecture that forms

Graceful tall buildings

Or makes the universities,

The great places of learning

Beautiful knowledge, the reason I was taken here

The sunsets themselves, painting

The sky behind the green hills

The new people, now friends who work with us to help move through the fire.

And again, the sky, the ever changing sky: grey, pink, red and sometimes clear, clean blue.

The orange sky, the spark.

Now we…. I, have grown to love the beautiful parts of this city.

I found my solace and motivation in those rivers of fire.

I think I’m glad I’m here now.







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