Christopher U.

A “Paw”sitive Encounter

As I walked in nature  – beneath the tall [Oak] trees

I saw a small movement in a pile of leaves

It was a little white kitten, and she stuck her little paws out

And then shook off the leaves and proceeded to walk about

I stopped dead in my tracks as she approached me

But then our I met her gaze – and then her soft fur brushed against my knee

So I squatted way down to scratch the soft fur

And as I did this, she let out a pleasant purr

After sitting there for what was probably hours

I knew I had to leave – And this took a lot of willpower

So I started to walk down the pathway

But the kitten wouldn’t leave – No, she just wouldn’t go away

So I stayed some more with the kitten I had just found

Until I heard in the distance a faint sound

Out from the bushes 3 similar looking cats came into the scene

Strutting quietly and calmly all very serene

It was her family, so I bid them farewell

And that was the last time I saw that cat in the color of a white pastel


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