Giordana V

Open Ears

Do not clasp your ears

Out of fright and disbelief

Listen for the truth


Can You Guess My Secret?

After pouring for a few minutes straight, the wound has stopped bleeding. All of the wash rags I put towards the effort must be thrown out, as there’s no hope in rinsing such deep crimson stains out of white stitching. I do my best to dress the wound with my non-dominant hand, and though the wraps are criss-crossed and crazy looking, they do not form a lump under the sleeve of my shirt. I exit the bathroom, conscious of how long I’ve been away from my cubicle. I watch as my boss turns a corner, hoping he wont’ spot me, but he does, and he charges forward without hesitation. “What’s in the bag?” he asks, and it’s too easy to tell he’s not really interested. Deep breath. “I had to change. My outfit was compromised when the blender in the lunchroom went berserk.” He sighs, making a pathetic attempt not to chuckle. “Classic Dean” is the only response I receive. And then he pats my arm, right above the bandages I just applied. I feel airy as I make my way towards the office, because no one else should question me. Then I’m jittery over what I’ve gotten myself into. Technically, I wasn’t lying. There were clothes in the bag, and I had been caught in the crosshairs of something berserk. It just wasn’t a blender.  My secret? I’m a superhero. Believe it or not.


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