Jamiah R

Dreams Can Be Dreams

Hi I’m Roger, I’m want to be a game creator I love video games and drawing. I am 15 years old going into the 10th grade, my friends are kinda like me we all are not very social because we don’t like trouble, but that’s off subject. We like rpgs, fighting, or even adventure just name it. This is how I created my epic multi million dollar game.

One summer day my little brother james but we call him punk and I went to a friend’s house. She had the new games that none of us had so everyone would go over there. About 10 minutes later all my other friends came after receiving my message. We played for about and hour until one of us said “this game is good but we could make a better one”, that’s when It hit me “why don’t we make a game the game that can be the next best thing” I said. Everyone one agreed so we all sat down at the table and brainstorm things for it. First thing we thought about was what kind of game, that’s when we thought the title, after that the colors. The only thing we knew was it would be a action fighting type of game. New thought for hours and no-one knew so we just gave up it was getting late and  it was almost time for supper.

Later that evening I was tired so decided to go to sleep, and my dream seemed kind of weird I was out in the ocean and it was a good day. The sky was blue water seemed calm and lots of cool fish. I tried to grab one of them and I fell overboard no-one was there with me so I screamed for nothing. That’s when I looked down and say a big fish type of figure, but I didn’t know what type of fish so looked closer and that’s when I knew it was a shark. “Help help please someone anyone please help me it’s a shark” I screamed. That’s when it was one second later a dolphin came to save me. If it was one second later I would’ve been shark food for sure. The dolphin saved me it fought the shark off until it fled. I blacked out in the dream then I woke up in real life. “I GOT IT” I screamed over and over again, “I GOT IT, I GOT IT, I GOT IT”. I text my friends and told them about my dream. They were all surprised I had a crazy random dream like that. We worked on the plot and found the perfect name, The fight for peace, Dolphin vs the great shark.

5 years later it became a major hit, it was number 1 game for the past 3 years. We all still think about how it all started. That’s when my friend said “dreams can become dreams” we always laugh at it even though it is true.


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