Kasauntae M

Where I’m From  

I’m from where gunshots are heard every day.

I’m from where riding the PAT bus is a must.

I’m from where sports or rap was everyone’s way out the hood,

but I choose to become a doctor instead.  

I’m from where everyone would pay for those new Jordan’s

    instead of paying rent or putting food on the table.  

I’m from where people work at McDonalds and they’re happy with that.  

I’m from where school was the way out to get what you wanted or needed in life.  

I’m from you were the man in charge at the age of 14.   

I’m from dad was not able to be talked to cause he was in heaven.  

I’m from where jimmy wopo was the best person people know.   

I’m from where cops shoot black men and get away with it.

I’m from where black on black crime was a huge problem.



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