Katrice S


Willow Trees

Looming figures bowed in total submission

Their muscles tensed as rays of sunlight spiraled down their locks

Analyzing, recognizing, absorbing every fiber of their being

Their locks shrouded their faces like drapes

Tears of joy fell from above replenishing them

Forever they remain in awestruck solemnity


Letters to Time

You are mine

You cannot escape

the bounds I placed on you

I control you

You are mine


I am yours

I cannot escape

The bounds you placed on me

You control me

I am yours.


Plain Sight

Highlights all my flaws

Makes sure to show my good side.

Exposed yet hidden.


Out of Time

Light fixtures like stripes of road paint paved the way to the waiting room. Gurneys moved in slow motion like potential victims drawing closer  to their inevitable doom. Their rooms were presealed coffins having no intention of allowing breakouts. The monotonous seemingly endless IV drip was the anthem that encouraged perseverance; giving me hope that I wasn’t too late. In a trance, I lumbered throughout the graveyard seeking the girl in the tomb. I plunged into the depths and there she laid trapped in the box that sealed her fate.


The Fiddler

Unpleasant twang

Beautifully  insane


Omniscient, pitiful

Plucked strings

Scattered hormones

Music notes clashing

Sound waves reverberating


Tempted, Overpowered



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