Kimora H

Never Ending Search

I am looking for you all over

I can’t seem to understand you

I have looked in all the wrong places

I have looked in the most darkest places but I still can’t see your bright light

I am determined to find you

I can never give up

I will spend all my time searching for you, even if it has years to come

I will find you and share your beauty with the world

I must find you so I can finally be at peace and rest

I will find my true self and finally be set free into the world of peace and harmony

All in a Days Worth


Every day, mom wakes up to the same children screaming away




She believed that hard work pays off

Each nightfall full of men swinging around beer bottles and drinking away their problems

Each night, men from all over came to see the show

A life that won’t come easily

A life some people are afraid to admit to

She believed hard work pays off




Each day, mom wakes up to the same children screaming away, but today’s a new day


So-Called Hope


I start my day HOPING for a new change

I open my windows to see nothing has changed

It’s all just same old thing

I turn on the tv hoping for some good news

just to see two new of my people’s lives have just been claimed

I walk outside, hoping for a breath of fresh air

But all I inhale are breaths of despair






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