Lily T

City Lights

I do not like the feeling of

Not knowing if the lightbulbs went out or

If my childish fantasy is finally coming true

I do not like the feeling I get when

My side is occasionally taken,

The thing I fear most controlling my

Hands I do not like it when

History repeats itself


I do not like it when

I close my eyes and I

Love the way the city lights shine

Their colors glistening like the

Hazy memory of a madman like

Stars that have fallen to the earth

The warmth invading my thoughts

And dreams

I do not like it when I remember that

If I open my eyes I’ll be in a cold

Dark room the silence

Crowding my thoughts

But the city lights are loud

I can hear the tapping of the

Sunset shoes

And when the city rains

The colors melt together

Like a painting

The smell of smoke fills my lungs

And as much as I want to breathe

Is as much as I feel home


I am tired of this inevitability I am tired

Of my predictions coming true

I do not like the feeling of my lungs

Shaking of the feeling of hands

Grabbing my throat to choke me when no one

Is there

I do not like the feeling of

Waiting to hear


In my ears just to put me

Out of my misery

I do not like the feeling of

Answer me

Of your empty

Eyes staring through me like I

Don’t exist, blood

On your lips,

Just please tell me your name


I am tired of my previous childish

Chances at maturity I do not

Like the feeling of having

My eyes plucked out by

Decaying bones

The creaking is music to my ears

I do not like the feeling of

Falling with the sun

Being crushed under the

Weight of the world when

The sky goes dark except for

Dead specks of lights I do not like

Watching myself slip away as the sky is

Painted with color and my heart tries to

Climb out of my rib cage I do not like the

Feeling of being turned inside out, my skin

And bones wrapped up in blankets and

Sensitive to the sound of crickets


I am tired of being promised

Butterflies but ending up only

With disgusting insects crawling

Through my organs, eating me from

The inside

I do not like the feeling of knowing

That my mind and thoughts are

Stronger than my will

Leaving me able to do nothing but

Build a box from oxygen and

Hide in the core of the earth

I do not like the feeling of knowing

I will be found


I stand in front of the wooden door

And I remember it was beautiful

It’s simplicity perplexes me with its pulls and

Pulleys, cause and effect just please

Show me what’s inside



I walk into the kitchen

To the buzz of lightbulbs and the static of

A voice from a box speaking of tragedy

It’s voice goes to Crisp silence

With the click of a button and I flip off the

Switch, letting the darkness of the night

Sky pour into the room but then

I see something

I see petals bright

Pink petals falling

From the ceiling like


I only see then through one sliver

Of moonlight that makes the petals that fall

Through it shine and makes the petals in the

Darkness disappear

I stand under the petals to watch

Them fall around me and I remember

It was beautiful

So beautiful that I wanted

To take a picture to

Freeze this moment so that I will

Know that something beautiful will always

Exist even after it

Dies but then the petals

Stop falling and all lay somewhere in the

Darkness, darkness that you’ll get

Lost in so I run to the switch because I

Want to find the petals I want to have them fall around me again I turn on the

Switch, turning the empty darkness into mere shadows but the petals

Are gone there is only empty space

A vacuum of fluorescent light I try to think

But I cannot think with these

Lights, their buzzing intruding my minds and I

Just want the petals back because I

Remember it was beautiful so I turn off

The lights, blinding me except for that sliver

Of moonlight, the only thing that hasn’t been

Erased in the vast darkness, the only thing

I know exists but then the

Petals fall again

The same way they did before but before I

Could get a single thought

Through my head I took a picture because

It was beautiful

By the time the picture was taken the last

Petal had fallen but it was

And always will be frozen and this thought

Made me content because I have achieved

Immortality but when I showed the picture

To the world all they saw was a baby a young

Child celebrating their first birthday in a

Grand room that I can only wish

Was my kitchen

But I remember it was beautiful


 I Am a Superhero

I am a superhero

I help people in need

They call my name, or give me a signal

And I’m there in a heartbeat

I help people in danger

When their life is slipping through their fingers

If you have nowhere to turn

Of course I’ll help you

If you look like me

If you don’t, no promises

But I’ll try

I’ll say I’ll be there in a heartbeat

But I’ll show up to see your lifeless body

(shoot it to make sure it’s dead)

Because your life is in my hands

I can decide whether or not to save you

(based on your face)

But even if I can’t save you

I’ll capture the bad guys

Put them away (or take them out)

Yes I will put away the man who

Broke into your house

And I will make sure the woman who killed

Your sister will never see light from her cell

And I will make sure children

Grow up motherless because she went over

The speed limit

Because I

Am a superhero