Lucia S

Plumeria in the Rough

sunken nail beds and chipped polish

bloody bitten hangnails

tough flaking calluses

stretch marks spreading like veins

through a crumbling orange

wobbly kneecaps under posture of an inchworm

soak inside through her pores

glimpse at the ripe plumeria

in full bloom scrumptious scents

secreting inside

where beauty hides








they were barked at

herded together like sheep

dogs snapped at their heels with teeth

of whips and rocks

this breed could stand on two legs

torn apart like mother from babe

creating a sound that shook

through hell and shot through heaven

locked away in crates for veal

not fed, unwanted for a meal

a fate worse waited

gold on molars plucked

like feathers from a chicken

shape and color stripping away identity

it’s easier to abuse something rather than a someone






strands of greasy seaweed braided

dunked in the darkest oil spill

fruitlessly combed through with bits

of washed up coral and starfish

white sand sprinkled at roots

fading from sun exposure

smells of coconut and waterfalls

on distant tropical islands

when cared for, smooth as a whale shark

alive as the waves

when lightning sizzles the surface

or calm as a fishing rod, bobbing

in polluted waters

neglect fails to untie knots

in demand of human hands



Infested by Grasshoppers


legs coiled like springs

ready to bounce and unravel

between blades of grass soaring
a kite with no strings

attached taking off like airplanes
each one different, Swissair

from Delta blossoming vibrant

like morning glories with no roots
adding a spectrum of color

to the monochrome field



Italian Summer


it smells like a leaf detached

from a tree branch flaking

at edges under the sun’s harsh glare

a burnt marshmallow that caught fire






falling among soot and sparked yellow wood

spinning fast on a rusty playground

hands clenched, legs jammed

against wind hollering into ears

plump blackberries plucked

reaching through wire past a cat

blinking with one gray eye





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