Nikki C


Emma winced as the bitter taste of soy hit her tongue. Like a shot of ice in her veins, shock took hold. She had eaten soy again, despite her allergy. Three hours later, she left the hospital feeling better again. Each day, she remembered less and less of her own past. Sometimes, all she knew was her own name. It had all started last year when she had begun to forget her dog’s name. Now, she was left with the ghost of her memory and felt hopelessly, desperately alone. As the calm sounds of Beethoven danced upon her ears, she thought of who she had been. One day, she was normal. The next, she was forgetting everything. She let her sorrow paint itself on the paper, as she began to write. She focused.

“My name is Emma. I like to write. I am fifteen. I have a dog.”

It was all the basic knowledge that she knew about herself.

She went to start again.

“My name is Emma.”

And again.

“My name is Emma.”

And again.

“My name is Emma.”

“And right now that’s all of who I am.”



Eyes, the window to the soul:

So much is said

By a glimmer, a blink

Eyes wide

Sometimes narrowed shut

Long lashes dance

Gray, blue, brown, green, hazel too

Speckled with memories

Their symmetry not a rule

Pretty eyes, they say

But what they mean is I see you

Do they truly see?

Glimpsing, examining the self

Storing moments and memories

The only honest part of

The children we were

The people we are

Blocked by the glasses

We choose

And the feelings we don’t

They may change

But they always stay true

A metaphor for the people

We know

The way we are

Every struggle reflected

Impossible to hide

We can’t cover

The truth

For it lurks in pupils

And retinas and lashes

Eyes, the window to the soul


The Power Dynamic of Sisters

Sisterhood is a wondrous thing, a tangle of love and lies, borrowing and betrayal. Twins feel these things even stronger, as they are closer. Twins have two souls, but also one together. However, being the same does not guarantee equality. Anna and Ella are both equal counts beautiful and poised. One had a shadow cast so long behind her that it never seemed to disappear even on the sunniest of sky blue days. Another was so meek, so faded, that her reflection was clear and unseen as glass. Ella was the bright star of each night. Anna faded under the glare of the spotlight. But, now things are changing and shifting. Ella has lost her boyfriend and is fighting her friends. Anna is finding a way out of the shadows, being admired and whispered about. She finally is captain of the dance team, seen as a leader. She is no longer the blind duckling follower that she was before. They are unable to find a balance to sharing the light. Anna is forgetting Ella, the way she always ignored her. It is in a reproachful glance, a turning away of Anna’s head, a dismissal of her sister with manicured nails. The power dynamic is shifting. Can their bond overrule years of dissention? Will their sisterhood one day be stronger than whispers and glances? Who has the power? Why does it even matter?


Summer Travels

How is it that one’s memoir should begin? Is the focus of one’s life solely their successes or failures? Is it a hybrid blend of the two? How is it that I can make my deepest thoughts become words?

Life is full of stories, each one with a moral, a new example. But, the most foolish of all of these things, was that one summer when I was seventeen. Full of life, vibrant with the illusion of invincibility, the sun breathed a fire of discontent into my soul. You and I were best friends and partners in crime. Thrown off, angered by limitations placed on us, we set out. Who knew that leaving would be our biggest mistake? We had hit the road without a map, going to all the places we had imagined before. Vegas, Chicago, New York. Who was it that we were leaving behind? We forgot ourselves on the dirt-path road of inevitability. But, there is no room for regret. Though it was once in a lifetime, I can never forget that journey and our wishes, our hopes. Our first and only travel meant the world, and I will never let it go.


Twelve Hours

Serena blinked slowly, trying to understand when her reality had unraveled. With each moment that ticked by, her unease grew. Alyssa still had not returned. Serena glanced at the portal that led to untold adventures and wondered where her youngest sister could possibly have gone. How was it that things had gotten so out of hand? It all started with that mystery man, Person X. He had been there with one tick of the clock, gone by the next. Suddenly, the X’s began to appear on doors, walls, and mirrors. Those mysterious letters had taken away her comfortable life the way clouds eventually end up blocking the sun. The first one was in red on her kitchen wall. Next, a blue one appeared on the mirror in her room. Then, that door of infinite possibilities had appeared, visible only to those who believed. Alyssa, still caught up in the magical view of life all children had, had been the only other person in Serena’s family able to use the door. But, all gifts of magic come at a price. Now, after utilizing the portal to go to Europe and enter video games, it wanted its toll. Bending reality had been a mistake, and now Serena had to find Alyssa and save the day. She only had twelve hours to change it so that the dimensions did not connect. If London became Paris and New York became Shanghai, chaos would ensue. The world was changing, twisting and turning, possibly leading to Earth’s untimely demise. The time for Serena to act was now.




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