Rachel T

The Deep, Deep Meaning of Blue


The world is always touched with blue

The arctic hue spreads across the never ending blanket that humans call the brilliant sky

The admiral waves of the ocean crash against the rocky shoreline

Twin bluebirds perch on my windowsill and sing their hearts out with a melodic tune

Spreading warmth throughout nature’s morning breeze

The young, eager astronomer peeks through a wondrous telescope, spying at the azure hints of Uranus

“Huzzah!” he screams, “I’ve finally done it!”

The palace clock strikes twelve, midnight

Cinderella escapes into the night, lavishly dressed in her dazzling periwinkle blue gown

Giving hope and love to the prince as her shyly blue-tinted slipper is left behind

The candles are blown off a birthday cake rimmed with frosted, indigo flowers

Whose birthday? Mine, in September, the month of sapphires

Blue isn’t always a sign of rejoice

The sight of blueberries causes me to drool, and as I tentatively reach for the fruit

I realize they are squished into mushes and no longer can quench my thirst

A cerulean aura completes the dreadful look of a person in mourning, perhaps at a funeral

The young boy with his dodger blue eyes, mischievously holding a cobalt colored crayon

Ready to take on the world with his magical masterpiece

Yet, he begins to cry continuously, claiming it’s a catastrophe that his crayon has now snapped in two

But we won’t despair in these glorious days

We will think good times and not bad, wonderful memories and not devastating ones

For there, we see a blue morpho butterfly land on the nearby rock

As if to remind us

That he is not the sign of destruction, but the sign of rebirth and happiness




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