Sonia F



It remembered drifting through calm waters, the rush of gentle currents brushing by. It had no real form, no name, nothing, really. It just was.

This serene life was the only one it knew. There was nothing else, just the constant flow and a warm pulse somewhere inside it.

It never thought of anything but the caressing tide, until a hand reached through the water and grabbed it.

And suddenly, Lilian Alexandra Evans was given a body of her own and thrust from the seas into the next world.


Lilian was frozen, sitting in front of a computer, eyes wide and unblinking. She couldn’t move, breathe, or blink.

What happened?

For a moment, Lilian seemed to recall fluttering waves in a deep ocean.

But then it was gone.

Her name was Lilian Alexandra Evans, and she was thirteen years old. She loved playing video games, programming, and computer science, and was really good at all this. She also enjoyed reading and had almost finished every book in her local library. She did pretty poorly in school, though. This was mostly due to her drifting off into dreamland during class, but she couldn’t really help that. She had a short attention span, and her teachers were completely boring.

Lilian Alexandra Evans had no friends, not because people hated her or didn’t notice her, but because she never made an effort to make friends. From a young age, she had been focused on games, no matter what kind. Games did not require interaction with other kids, therefore, there was no reason to be social. By the time Lilian realized that she was the only kid without a friend, it was too late. Everyone had made their own ties and left her behind.

Hold on. What? It felt artificial. She felt like she was not Lilian Alexandra Evans, but at the same time was sure of her identity as Lilian Alexander Evans.

A voice spoke in her head. Hello? Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Who are you? Lilian thought.

I’m the author! Hi, Lilian. Nice to meet you!

The author? Author of what?

Author of what? Author of the story, of course! The story you’re in right now!

I’m in a story? But this is my life, isn’t it?

Yes, and no. You don’t really need to know. Anyway, are you ready?

Ready for what?


Lilian unfroze. She resumed typing away at her computer, which was, of course, what she had been doing for a while now. She was trying to get into her mother’s computer account to remove the parental controls on her computer.

How dare they block my games?! I’ll show them!

Lilian wasn’t hacking. She had never tried hacking ever, out of respect for the law. She didn’t even know how to do it, actually, though she was sure she could figure it out if she had to. Right now, though, she was just trying to guess her mother’s password.

Lilian peered at the red text that had popped up on the screen. “You have entered the wrong passcode too many times. We are sending you an email to reset your passcode- Aw, god dang it!” She threw down her headphones in frustration. Now her mother would know she was trying to get in. She was in for a lecture now!

As if on cue, the phone rang. Lilian glanced at the caller ID and groaned at the words. Her mom’s company.

She picked up the phone. “Heeellllooo?”

“Lilian. Were you trying to get into my account just now?”

“Noooo?” Lilian tried.

“Really? Well, I just received an email saying that someone was trying to enter the wrong passcode more than ten times.”

Lilian sighed. “Mom, I just want to play some games!”

“Are you done with all your work?”

“Ummm… yes.” A blatant lie. But she wanted to game! Argh!

“Are you sure I won’t get an email from your teachers saying that you haven’t finished your homework again?”

“Uhhhh… noooo.”

“Then no. Besides, I’m clicking through your grades right now. Look at this! Your highest grade is in English. It’s a low C.”

“C is a passing grade?” Lilian tried.

“It’s below average. And even if it was good enough, you have Ds and Fs in everything else. I’m not going to give your computer games back until you get them up to Bs!”

Lilian groaned. “Moooommm!”

“Don’t even try it, young lady. That is my final decision. Go do your homework, and I’ll check it once I get home!” A beep signaled that her mother had hung up.

Lilian threw the phone down on her bed. Come on, mom! It’s just a little gaming. What harm could it do?

Alright, great job! Amazing for your debut, Lilian! The author was back.

She was frozen again. Why am I stuck like this? Can’t I move around?

Well, I’m not writing right now. So no. You only do things when I write things.

What? That’s not fair!

Sorry, I think it’s just the way it is.

But I want to move around! What am I supposed to do right now?

Nothing, I guess. Anyway, I have to go practice my piano. See you!

Hey, wait!

But the author was gone, and Lilian was left in an awkward pose, chucking a telephone onto her bedspread.


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