Taylor B



light eyes

bright eyes

dark eyes

my rosy cheeks

you held toward

the storm clouds

the lightning looked

like the sun

in your face i saw divinity

but rage behind your eyes.

rage for me

rage for my mind

for so long you shrouded

me in lustrous names

and invisible halos that we both

knew would not last forever.

i would not last forever.

you held my face to the lightning sun

and asked what i could offer,

i told you nothing but my tears

and you took it.

you took it

and told me that was all

you needed from me and that

was all this would be.

you pushing me into my storm clouds.

but you`re such a liar.

an enormous liar.

you threw me into downpours like

i was a scrap of a person.

you treated me like a monster

when you were the one with

glowing red eyes.

you left me when i thought i was okay.

but did you believe i was?

you knew i would coming crying to you.

you knew.

and you still couldn`t even give the pieces

of myself i gave to you up.

and you made me beg for your glance

even when you walked out on me

countless times.

my mind wasn`t clear.

i won`t be alive when it is.

you made the pain hurt more.

you made the blood thicker.

and you made me write until

my fingers bled from beneath

the nail.

you had this cut out for you.

my cheeks are still rosy

but not for you.

my eyes still have the brightness

and always the same color as yours.

but these names are not ones

you call me anymore.

my halo has vanished.

and now what we had

is buried underneath

the floor.





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