Tonia C

Bad Breath

When his mouth hinged open a foul, rotten smell slithered out. The gut wrenching stench caused toes to curl and eyes to water.  The hazardous ball of gas stretched is limbs all across the land, poisoning all that it come in contact with. He chuckled at the monstrosity he had released. He has assumed that nobody would realize that it was he who was spreading the vile aroma that was terrorizing his peers. Others soon began to catch a whiff of the evil he was spewing. Their nostrils were greeted with the gassy mess. Of course, many were outraged and began to complain about the wretched smell. When confronted by someone who could stop his reckless behavior, he would pop in a mint to mask his bad breath. It fooled many, but a strong few managed to see through his facade. They figured out that his words were pummeling others who did not have the courage to speak of. His victims were suffocating in his storm of hate. He was combated with a simple saying- “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”

My Sunshine

(For Katelyn & Alex)


Shines through the darkness

All my demons fade away

Thank you my sunshine


The empty feeling is the worst

It aches in your bones

And makes you long for what is known

A cinnamon smell

Dad’s snoring from the other room

The game on T.V.

Smells from the kitchen waft throughout


You are surrounded by it now

And you can’t recognize

A single face in a storm of

Unknown strangers

Who bear no resemblance to those you love


Waves slowly dwindle up along the shore. They are slowly sucked back into the vast ocean they came from. The sand tickles your toes and shares its warmth with your relaxed body which is sprawled out on top of it. The sun reaches its long rays towards you and the warm bright light pleasantly shines down on your skin. It is soft and pleasant as it tickles the surface. A gust of wind brushes up against the palm trees behind you and the soothing patting noise streams outwards. The guffaw of passing seagulls swishes into your eyes. You take a deep breath of the salty sea air and let it flow into your lungs. You release it and all of your worries fade away.


I adore traveling. Especially when the trip includes a ride on an airplane. Of course I’m looking forwards to discovering the destination I will arrive at, but the trip there is downright thrilling.  Flashback to my trip to Greece last summer. My family and I get our boarding passes checked and then proceed to strolling down the walkway toward the Delta jet. You can taste the tension and excitement in the air. Some passengers have sweaty palms and worries looks upon their face. Once we have sat down and begin to take off my mom clutches her cross, some cross their fingers, and others pray. I partake in none of this pre-flight fright. I stare straight out of the window with a big grin plastered onto my face due to pure joy. I look down upon buildings and houses and cars and bridges. The whole world is infested with tiny ant-like people. Roads spin out like spider webs and mini cars race by. Pure adrenaline rushes through my veins as I look out upon the beautifully breathtaking world before me.

My mom has a deathly fear of heights. I’m attracted to them. I often go on high ropes courses and once I’m climbed up to the highest nook on the tree I look down to see my mom’s worried face. Of course I’m strapped on and most definitely won’t fall, she is picturing herself looking down and is worried sick. On the contrary, I’m beaming- which relieves her fear quite a bit. I stand on the notch and listen to the birds squawking and cicadas chirping.


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