Tonia C

Bad Breath


When his mouth hinged open a foul, rotten smell slithered out. The gut wrenching stench caused toes to curl and eyes to water.  The hazardous ball of gas stretched its limbs all across the land, poisoning all that it come in contact with. He chuckled at the monstrosity he had released. He has assumed that nobody would realize that it was he who was spreading the vile aroma that was terrorizing his peers. Others soon began to catch a whiff of the evil he was spewing. Their nostrils were greeted with the gassy mess. Of course, many were outraged and began to complain about the wretched smell. When confronted by someone who could stop his reckless behavior, he would pop in a mint to mask his bad breath. It fooled many, but a strong few managed to see through his facade. They figured out that his words were pummeling others who did not have the courage to speak up. His victims were suffocating in his storm of hate. There were more of his kind who backed him up. Some hid behind computer screens-  and others were proud of their smelly selves. They were combated with a resilient head held up high and a  simple saying, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”

Deer In the Headlights


I am drowning in a sea of unfamiliar faces. Loud waves crash with a violent force that could knock down a skyscraper. Seagulls screech across the dark, stormy sky and then violently pummel into the water. All of my shipmates have abandoned me. I am alone…stranded. Water swishes in a swift, circular motion. The wind throws the ocean up and eventually picks them up into the air. A tornado of dark, salty liquid has formed and I find myself trapped in the middle of it. I pound on the impenetrable tower that I am entrapped by, but it doesn’t budge. I open my mouth to yell but nothing comes out.. not a single word.

However the waves are not waves and the seagulls are not seagulls. I open my eyes and discover that the shrill calls of the birds are just music and the vehement crashing is just conversation. My shipmates, my friends are right across the room snacking on chips and talking to some coworkers. The crowds of people before me are not that horrendous in reality. They are not attempting to suffocate me, but instead, are attempting to make conversation with me. That is until one voice out of the crowd turned to me and asked, “What’s up.”

I am a deer in the headlights.


Waves slowly dwindle up along the shore. They are slowly sucked back into the vast ocean they came from. The sand tickles your toes and shares its warmth with your relaxed body which is sprawled out on top of it. The sun reaches its long rays towards you and the warm bright light pleasantly shines down on your skin. It is soft and pleasant as it tickles the surface. A gust of wind brushes up against the palm trees behind you and the soothing patting noise streams outwards. The guffaw of passing seagulls swishes into your eyes. You take a deep breath of the salty sea air and let it flow into your lungs. You release it and all of your worries fade away.

In a Rut

Every long, monotonous day is just like the one before it.  I wake up, put on make up, get dressed, take a test, eat lunch, worry a bunch, don’t make a peep, go to sleep. My humdrum life is fixated upon going to school, getting good grades, and being a model student. I make aimless conversation with most of my peers, and aim to “DO MY BEST!” I am in a  rut and day after day the trench that I find myself in gets deeper and deeper.  I long for the days when I had no care in sight and was intrigued by things as simple as a spider making a web. I feel like im stuck in a web. Just stuck. And in a deep, deep rut.

Hide And Seek


Run. I ran and ran and ran. My legs became tight and my entire body was coated with a layer of sweat from head to toe. I frantically pushed on the ground as hard as I possibly could. Each step was powered by everything I had inside me. It could not catch me. I practically felt the lactic acid swelling up in my calves but ignored it. I pumped my arms and leaped across the rugged terrain. The small houses around me swished by. I took a second to rest next to my high school. I took a deep breath but I burned my lungs. I found myself speeding through a college campus and then into a city I could hardly recognize. I lost my balance and ended up tripping. I skidded across the ground behind an old car. I peeled myself off of the rugged asphalt. My skin was blemished with deep cuts and bruises. My legs felt like jello. I could hardly lift up my next. My eyes darted as I surveyed the surrounding. I heard footsteps and attempted to stand up, but the effort was useless.

“I finally caught up to you.”  said the tall hooded figure with a smirk on his shadowed face.

“Call me responsibility.”


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