Troy H


Today’s World


The world today is something I never thought I’d see. When I was growing up so careless and free. Nowadays just surviving is motivation for me. So much going on kinda hard not to think. Police are killing us we are going extinct. But don’t get me wrong everyone matters to me. We are all humans. Everyone is the same on the inside. I have a heart and so do you so why make skin color the difference between us two. Not gonna preach and say BlackLivesMatters although they do. All lives matter, too. We are all the same even you and I.  I have feet you have feet; I have eyes you have eyes. The difference between me and you: I put my hands up and you still shoot. I hope one day I matter just as much as you.




Dreams of flying, usually shot down, try to pick it back up but never found

Although we were kids, had no limit on what we did

Dreams were crushed as we grew, loss of hope thinking dreams don’t come true

Dreams of a little firefighter lost in the fire, dug up from the ash and never looked at the same.


Dug up from the ash never looked at the same, dreams of a little firefighter lost in the fire

Loss of hope thinking dreams don’t come true, dreams were crushed as we grew

Although we were kids, had no limit on what we did

Try to pick it back up but never found, dreams of flying usually shot down.




Society calls us Fat, Ugly, Stupid, Black, White, Gay, Mexican, Asian, Rich, Poor. Tells us what to wear to fit in and how to act, makes us feel unimportant or unwanted. Calls me just black even though I’m half Puerto Rican. Society is the main problem with the world today; the media portrays me before it even meets me, makes me seem dangerous. Doesn’t know the real me but yet wants you to fear me, judges my outside but never questions my inside. Makes Indians or Arabs look like terrorists when some of them aren’t. Shows the bad in our communities but never the good. Yet we choose to prove them right instead of wrong, I think we should change our way of life and not listen to society and the media. We should prove them wrong.




I am what you fear even when you claim you don’t

I am what takes away the ones closest to you

I am what can happen anytime anyplace

I have no target

I have no regret

I am a burden

I am the thing that hovers over you

I can take you away forever

I have no heart

I have no remorse

I can leave you broken

I can tear families apart

I am Death


Body to Body


Look at us: Black, Dirty, Nappy-headed, Big nose, Big lips, Big forehead. Look at you: White, Clean, Straight teeth, Perfect hair. Those are the things we hear about each other, but inside we are the same. Don’t fear me because I’m different. You have a heart and I do too but when you point that gun I’m not as equal as you. You can pull your trigger and I’ll pull mine too but I tried shooting you with knowledge, and your bullet went through. Life is not a game; it’s not all fun so how would you feel if I was the one with the gun. You fear me that’s why you shoot, because if I’m still on this planet you don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s not fair what you do, walking around killing and don’t get blamed. What the world has become today I am definitely ashamed. So I walk around with fear that I’m not next. I don’t wanna be the kid who gets added to the rest.




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