Will D

American Soldier

Fallen soldier,

Battle cry,

Sound of drums fills the sky.



I don’t understand why police officers get shot. These hardworking men and women work their tails off to make sure we are safe and that we stay safe. To hear about such a tragic event is extremely sad. I hope people realize that police officers should not be shot.




smart shy

has big dreams

fifth out of six children

Thunderbolt Phantom





I’m walking on Forbes,

But I imagine climbing walls.

I would love to watch the world from the sky,

All pain suffered by animals gone.

Then I snap back to reality,

Where I’m just an ‘average Joe.’



When I make memories while on vacation, it makes me feel relaxed, happy, and calm. For instance, last year my family went to State College and I got to do two of my favorite things: eat steak and jump off diving boards. I can remember flying seven meters down off a diving board, gravity propelling me back down to the pool. Now that’s what I call having fun!



Leaves fall from the tree,

My dad starts his leaf blower,

Then I jump in leaves.



A bird leaves an oak,

The falcon flies very fast,

Back home to his nest.


Ode to Dad

I adore my dad,

I can’t thank my dad enough,

For being amazing.


Music Hall

Trumpet plays loudly,

Flute plays gently,

And Tuba plays tremendously low.

The conductor waves his baton,

The orchestra begins to play,

Just your average music show.






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